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We are your advocate to help navigate you towards the best direction in resolving your business issues.

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We provide on-site financial coaching from a truly skilled and experienced expert financial adviser to set you on the right path.

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We give you finite and actionable financial recommendations to help you understand your business needs.

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We pinpoint what makes the best financial sense for your business, by providing you with the best solutions.

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Our goal is to provide business and financial advisory services to Business Owners and/or Executive Management personnel of small and middle market companies. We will work with the designated Manager to solve practical business operational system concerns and plan the effective level of structural Corporate Financing and Stockholders Equity position.

Andrew D. Harlan, Jr.

Business & Financial 
With Advisory Services
  • Corporate & Private Investment Acquisition Solutions
  • Fiscal Budgeting & Forecasting Management
  • Management Operational Services
  • Strategic Business & Organizational Planning
Debt Placement For Small
& Middle Market Companies

  • Asset Based Financing
  • Cash Flow Financing
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Capital Equipment Financing
  • Leverage Buyout Financing
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Recapitalization
  • Refinancing & Restructuring
  • Subordinated Capital
  • Working Capital

Professional Expertise

Business Insurance
Commercial Lending
Corporate Financing
Investment Securities
Municipal Finance

Client Results

Commercial Lending

Business Firm Summary  – Manufacturing

Proposed and approved credit facilities aggregating $30,000,000.

Company has business operations in the upper Midwest and has been in operation over 50 years.  This manufacturer has an entrenched diversified customer base, which has resulted in a strong sales growth record, generated substantial cash flow, and excellent debt service coverage ability YOY. Years of excellent management with minor turnover among the senior management team, has yield significant annual growth. This was based on utilization of strategic long-term planning, which has resulted in an excellent balance sheet with very low leverage.

Commercial Lending

Business Firm Summary  – Distribution/Wholesale

Proposed and approved a $15,000,000 credit facility for operational purposes, and to refinance existing term loans.

Company began operations over 50 years ago, and has local franchise distribution rights for several national and international branded beverages. The conservative management team operates this firm well within strict strategic annual business plans.  Sales have improved gradually on an annual basis, as does profitability, and cash flow coverage.

Corporate Finance

Sale of Company   –   $60,000,000

Initiated The firm, an ATM manufacturer, received an unsolicited offer from an industry competitor.  The company was sold to a strategic buyer at an increased premium over the initial offer.

Corporate Finance

Asset Based Finance – $30,000,000

Approved and placed a $30,000,000 Asset Based financing to two separate finance firms for an auto parts manufacturing company.  

Company has been in business for over 40 years, and is managed by the second family generation. Firm has an excellent fixed asset based, and maintains strong cash flow.

Municipal Finance

City –    $4,200,000 Revolving Line of Credit

The Revolving Line of Credit was used to support a Variable Rate Demand Bond issue to make repairs to the city’s sewer system.

The city’s Unlimited General Obligation secured the bond issue. 

Municipal Finance

State Authority      –     $110,000,000   Standby Letter of Credit

Provided Liquidity and Credit support for a tax-exempt, Demand Adjustable Rate Bond issue by the State Authority.

Secured by full faith and credit bonds of municipalities or structured revenue bond issues. 

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