Frequently Asked Questions

Experienced Financial Advisory

What approach will you take to assist my business?

After reviewing your specific business needs, we will determine which direction is required to resolve your business issues.  Subsequently, we will mutually devise a performance plan of action to be incorporated into a professional service agreement and executed by both parties.  This service agreement will serve as a guide for our working relationship under a defined timeline.

How do you define your target market?

Our skills and expertise are focused on the primary decision makers of small and mid-market companies that have been in business at least three (3) years, and have Revenues ranging from $2,500,000 to $75,000,000. We seek to solve practical business operational concerns, and determine the most effective level and terms of corporate financing and/or equity capital.

Would you provide some insight into your expertise?

A D Harlan Jr, Principal, has a 40 year history of corporate financing, and business experience accomplishments with several major national banks and other financial institutions. To view a sampling of financing examples, arranged and managed for past clients, please visit the Clients Results Page.

I have been with my bank for 10 years and they have served my financing needs during that period, so why do you think you can help me?

Your commercial bank provides financing solutions that serves their organizations ever changing lending goals and requirements. With 40 years of consulting and financing of hundreds of small and middle market companies, we understand this dynamic, and the need to laser focus on your very specific financial needs.

What information will you need to review my business financing options and/or business strategy?

The information required will be based on the agreed job or services required. If bank financing assistance is required, then the typical commercial lending or corporate financial information will be requested. There will be no attempt to provide solutions unless all required information is provided. The professional service agreement will include the initial information required to begin work on the engagement.

How do you charge for professional services rendered?

Charges will be based either on, an hourly rate, or a fixed contractual amount, which will be clearly stated in the professional service agreement.

I have Privacy concerns, what will you do maintain the confidentially of my personal and business financial information?

AD Harlan & Associates are committed to the highest of professional and ethical standards required of our fiduciary responsibility. We will assure the confidentiality, non-disclosure, and security of all financial information submitted, unless both AD Harlan & Associates and the client have agreed upon a written approval for release. All business and financial information will be returned after the engagement has ended or has been completed.

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